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What this is about #jarrellantibullyingproject

Jessica Jarrell & The JarrellRangers anti bullying project
/ week

Okay so i was really inspired by Jessica’s video and her tweets about bullying and i feel strongly about it and agree with everything she said and i know many of you agree with me!

so i really think we should all do something
i’m serious! Like all the JarrellRangers can do some-thing together with JJ about anti bullying so like a Jessica Jarrell & JarrellRangers anti bullying week good idea right? Also since it’s the holidays i think most people can join in and help!

This is the plan!
on August 15th we will all change our icons and backgrounds to a anti bullying icon with JJ in ( i’ll make the icons and tell you guys the info about where to get them) and im hoping @thebieberswagg will be able to make us some bg’s to use! (fingers crossed)
so our icons and bg’s will be changed from Monday 22nd of Aug - sunday 28th because its a whole week so this is kinda like an anti bullying week made by us JarrellRangers and JJ.

Also @purplebuddy96 and @AwwCody and me will be making promo video’s for this because its going to be HUGE! :)
Also @JarrellsFairies is making a video about #stopping bullying so this will be apart of the jarrellantibullyingproject info about it is here

Then i really need you guys to make more video’s and pictures about why bullying is bad and why you’re against it! so i can make a video. Also i’ll upload all your pictures and video’s unto my blog and
so any video’s or pictures you make send them to as soon as possible the deadline for sending them is 15th of August so HURRY and please don’t leave it to last minute!

I think that’s it but if you have questions about this or you understood none of what i said don’t hesitate to contact me on my twitter @TheJessicaJCrew
or my hotmail
btw make sure you forward this on to Jessica because she needs to be a part of it so she can do a promo video for this that be great! i hope all the dates and everything go to plan so JJ needs to see this before then! So help me guys i want this to be huge and hopefully we can trend jarrellantibullyingproject WITHOUT the ‘#’ otherwise it won’t trend so SPREAD this twitlonger around!

If there are ANY changes at all i will make a video or another twitlonger and keep you all updated so keep looking on my twitter page to check if there’s any change of plans!

Hopefully if this goes well more stuff will happen in the future.

- @TheJessicaJCrew

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